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Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday on the Farm

#62 cares for her newborn calf
This is one of my most favorite photos I have taken. It makes my heart smile. Such love!

One early spring morning, I noticed one of my favorite cows on the farm with a water bag. I was so excited! I absolutely adore this cow. With my camera, I sat and watched. I had the amazing opportunity to photograph #62 give birth to this gorgeous heifer calf. Within seconds of birth, she was caring for her newborn calf. Simply beautiful.    

Monday, March 10, 2014

Calving 2014

We started calving! I am absolutely giddy!
Tears of joy are in my eyes. I LOVE calving season!

Feeding hay to expecting cows Sunday afternoon, I noticed one cow [ W4 ] acting calfy. She had a sunny, cozy spot in the barn and did not want to eat hay. Three hours later...a beautiful, healthy calf was born.

After feeding cows where I live, my dad and I fed cows at another farm. When I returned home after chores, I checked W4 in the barn. She was a little restless. A few minutes later, I could see her in the barn sniffing the ground. Her water must have broken. A calf was on its way! After thirty minutes, I walked to the barn and checked the cow again. I saw hooves! I was so excited! About forty-five minutes later, W4 had her heifer calf.

And at 10:30, another cow had a calf!

it's a heifer!

The birth of a calf is amazing to me. I adore newborn calves. Praying for a safe and successful calving season!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Preparing for Calving 2014

feeding cows hay
During calving season, we feed our expecting cows high quality square bales of hay. We feed the cows every afternoon to increase the chances of calving during the day.

cows are bedded with straw

We use straw to bed cows to keep them warm and dry during calving season. During the day, cows that are close to calving are near the barn to watch throughout the day.