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Thursday, April 30, 2015


It was an exciting morning!

The Deutz loader tractor turned over 10,000 hours! The hours rolled over when feeding calves in the morning. Dad enjoyed the special moment.
dad enjoying the moment
My first memory was of my dad driving home the new tractor. I was 2 years old. I remember standing in the backseat of the car looking out the window watching my dad on the Deutz as my mom and I drove home to the farm on the sunny afternoon. A farm girl remembers important moments!

The tractor has worked many hours on the farm. The Deutz had several responsibilities over the years...feeding calves and cows, raking hay, baling hay, grinding feed, cleaning barns, loading manure, pushed snow. And, the tractor worked hard throughout the year. Even on frigid cold winter mornings, would start and go to work.



Monday, April 27, 2015

Seeding for hay fields

Two fields were prepared to seed for hay with the no-till drill. Red clover, alfalfa, and brome were seeded along with oats. We finished seeding the fields of hay on April 5. The new seeding quickly emerged and has started growing. We have had warm, sunny weather with a few rain showers...perfect weather for growth! 

emerging seed

Per acre, we use 4 pounds red clover, 12 pounds alfalfa, 5 pounds brome, and 2 bushel oats. We fertilize our hay ground twice a year to maintain soil fertility and to optimize hay yield.

hay fields are growing nicely

Ground seeded for hay provides many benefits. Soil is covered and prevents erosion by wind and water. Alfalfa roots grow deep into the subsoil. Plant roots reduce soil compaction and improves soil structure. Legumes have nodules that fixate nitrogen. Nitrogen is available in the soil for plants to utilize. Soil fertility is improved by building up organic matter. Blooms provide insects, like bees and butterflies with nectar. Plant roots are food for microorganisms in the soil.

I am looking forward to seeing beautiful, lush fields. We will have happy cows that will enjoy the hay from these fields!