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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The boys of summer

The boys of summer...

hello, ladies!

Four bulls were hauled to the pastures on May 28 for the breeding season. Before turning the bulls out with the cow herds for the summer, we ran them through the chute for their routine health program. Each bull received a Breeding Soundness Exam [BSE] by our veterinarian and technician, as well as vaccinations as part of our herd health program developed with our veterinarian.
A Breeding Soundness Exam includes: a physical examination of the bull, Scrotal Circumference [SC] measurement, and a semen sample for testing. It is crucial that each bull be able to successfully breed cows. The physical examination of the bulls includes their Body Condition Score [BCS], scrotum, eyes, legs, and feet. The bulls were evaluated for Scrotal Circumference and measured 38-45 cm. Excellent! Each bull exceeded the recommended measurement. The Scrotal Circumference measurement is important because correlates to the production of semen. A sample of semen is collected to examine underneath the microscope while on the farm. The semen sample is evaluated for sperm motility and concentration. All our bulls were classified by Dr Baird as satisfactory breeders. The bulls received a series of shots as part of our health program developed with our veterinarian... Vision 7 for pink eye, LongRange for internal and external parasites, and fly tags.