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Saturday, February 11, 2017

farm chick favorite

My friend was having a fundraiser, so I gladly made a purchase. This pouch from Thirty-One is absolutely perfect for me! LOVE the camera... actually, I adore it  :) I love arrows! So, the key fob was a must.


Thursday, February 2, 2017

calf kit

Calving season is approaching! So, I have been organizing and preparing. To help keep me focused, I made a 2017 calving task list. I crossed off another task on the list by putting together our calf kit. Check!
The calf kit carries... a roll of paper towels, Clorox wipes, pliers, flashlight, calf halter (if needed) temporary paper tags, glue, marker, calf weight tape, calving book, calendar, pregnancy records, Super 7+ iodine, and shots included in our health program. When a calf is born, we will take this kit with us.    
calf kit
In a clear plastic box, I organized and stored extra needles and syringes of different sizes. This box is perfect to keep new needles and syringes clean and ready to use for the calving season.
needles & syringes

tagging box

Our calf tagging box is prepped to tag the 2017 calves!
The tagging box holds supplies for tagging our bull and heifer calves. It keeps our tags and buttons, tagger, pencil, and tag markers all together.
Bull calves will get an orange numbered tag. And, heifers will get a yellow numbered tag. With a tag marker, the numbered tag of the cow and bull are written on each calf tag. As calves are born, a list is kept to make tagging easier.    
2017 calves

ob calving kit

We are just under five weeks away from calving! So, I have been busy in preparation!
Our OB calving kit includes a bucket for soap and warm water to sanitize, a halter (if needed), 60" OB chains, two handles for the chains, and a bottle of lubrication. We also have two calf pullers on hand...one for each farm. The supplies were cleaned and sanitized to be ready in case we need to assist a cow in calving.