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Saturday, September 2, 2017


Mineral is important in the roles of health, nutrition, and reproduction. We need to meet the requirements for cattle and supplement their diets with mineral. A good mineral program should be developed for cow herds throughout the year.

We have been using Vigortone mineral on our farm since 2000. The mineral works well for us in meeting the requirements of our cows. So, we think very highly of the products from Vigortone. 
In April 2016, I became a farmer dealer of Vigortone. This is a pretty exciting opportunity! Now, I am able to provide quality mineral to others with livestock. As a dealer, I receive a discount on purchasing mineral and earn an additional income from mineral I sell. It works out very well!
Vigortone has a wide range of mineral to offer. I stock beef cattle mineral for the seasons and store it in our feed shed. Customers can then pick up product at my location. If a product contains CTC, it requires a VFD from a veterinarian. 

We use different mineral for our cows throughout the year. Our mineral program includes...
    3V5S    January - March 

    MC Cattle Breeder CTC-CG-IGR    April - August
    3V5S CTC-IGR    September
    3V5S    October- December
Vigortone MC Cattle  Breeder CTC-CG-IGR is a chelated mineral that we use during the breeding season. It also includes CinnaGar that is consists of garlic and cinnamon extracts. CinnaGar products have shown to improve rumen efficiency.  
Mineral feeders are also available to purchase! These feeders hold up to three bags ( 150 pounds ) of mineral. The Vigortone Dura-Bull mineral feeder protects the mineral and keeps it dry from rain or snow. Our cows are fed mineral free-choice using these feeders.

Cows, calves, and bulls are able to utilize the mineral feeder. The rubber top is pliable for ease of use. 

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