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Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday on the Farm

snowy cow

Snow fell this week. Flakes of snow lightly covered cows as they ate hay on Valentine's Day.

[ agriculture photos @ monicastevens.photoshelter.com ]

Sunday, February 14, 2016

happy valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day from our snowy red, white, and roans!

Snow fell on this Valentine's Day. And, I couldn't resist taking a few photos of our cows in the falling snow.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Farm Chick Favorite

Candles by Swan Creek Candle Co...aDorE!

lavender & lemongrass

On a visit to the Fort Worth Stockyards, I discovered Swan Creek Candle Co. The candles smell absolutely wonderful! And, I love the pottery...so pretty! They will be perfect for my rustic farm home. The pottery bowl is able to be refilled with soybean wax from Swan Creek Candle Co. Love it!  

roasted espresso

I ordered three scents...Lavender & Lemongrass, Roasted Espresso, and Crisp Cotton. And, I am looking forward to enjoying the scents in my farm home!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

renovating a calving area

Last spring, we started renovating part of a barn for calving. We own two For-Most calving tubs...one for each farm. We use these calving pens in case a cow is in need of assistance in calving. We will have used these calving tubs for three seasons now. And, they have made assisting a cow in calving safer and stress free. My calving tub was moved to a different area of the barn and set on a rock mix for the 2015 calving season.

In October 2015, concrete was poured in the area of the barn where we had my For-Most calving tub last spring. The concrete will make this area perfect! We will have two 10 x 12 pens in the back of the barn to use for new cow/calf pairs. New lighting will be added to this section of the barn. I have drawn plans to figure out what is needed. I also have hope to include a barn camera in the near future.