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Sunday, July 29, 2018

farm chick favorite

Oh goodness

These booties! I love these booties from Giddy Up Glamour!
They are a new favorite of mine.
Ugh. These booties are adorbs. I am in love! They were perfect with the dress I wore to a summer celebration. I had been looking for a cute pair of booties for quite a while. And, I was really wanting a pair to wear with a black, sleeveless swing dress for the Knox County Farm Bureau 100th celebration. A turquoise ring and strand necklace also from a trip to Brazil completed my outfit.
I cannot wait to wear them with shorts or a pair of rolled up jeans. And, they are perfect summer and fall! So super cute.

Friday, July 20, 2018


On our family farm, conservation and stewardship have always been important.
take care of the land, and the and will take care of you - Hugh Hammond Bennett

My grandpa believed in conservation and being a steward of the land. He passed along  the passion for agriculture, farming, conservation, and stewardship to us.

My dad has been farming for over 50 years. And over those years, he has utilized numerous conservation practices on the farm. For more than 35 years,  he has farmed using no-till. That has proven to be very beneficial to the soil health on our farms. He has improved the farms with grassed waterways and tile to safely move surface and subsurface water off fields. Vegetative filter strips along crop fields border creeks also offer protection from erosion. My dad has used crop rotation ( corn, soybeans, hay ) and planted along contours of fields. Cover crops ( rye, oats, turnips, millet ) are planted to protect the soil, improve soil fertility, and for our cows to graze as high quality forage.

Permanent pasture where our cattle graze is on soil that is more sensitive to erosion. Installing rip rap along creek banks for stream bank stabilization has protected creeks in pastures from erosion. Pastures, hay fields, and fence rows provide great habitat for wildlife. We often see wildlife among our cow herds... deer, turtles, rabbits, bees, butterflies, quail, and a variety of other birds. It makes my heart happy.       

This sign was installed on the farm. And, it means so much to me. My grandpa would be so proud.