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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

forage peas: week 5

Week 5!

Sunshine last week and rain on Sunday and Monday. The forage peas have changed over a week. We are going into colder temperatures this week.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

mint chocolate s'mores

Fall is for s'mores. These are my favorite s'mores to make.


chocolate graham crackers
mint chocolate chips
mint marshmallows

These are a fun twist on a fall favorite. I started making these chocolate mint s'mores for my nieces. And, they were a hit. For these s'mores... I used chocolate graham crackers. Mint chocolate chips were sprinkled on top of the graham cracker. Then, the mint marshmallows were placed on top of the mint chocolate chips. And, it was topped off with another chocolate graham cracker. Microwave the s'mores until gooey. And then, enjoy!

[  I love chocolate. I love mint. And, I love enjoying s'mores in the fall. So, these are life.  ] 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

forage peas: week 4

It is week number 4!

Austrian Winter Peas were no-till drilled on October 2. I checked the field of peas this morning to scout the weekly progress. We have had favorable growing conditions for the forage peas. This has been nice for growth going into winter.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

rustic boho bedroom

[ rustic farm chic bedroom ]

Slowly, I have been styling my bedroom finding the perfect décor. I started with my antique bed and designed from there. My bedroom is a room I want to be comfortable, rustic, funky, and a little frilly. It is of a rustic boho inspiration.
My bedding coordinates but does not match because I wanted it to be unique. The fitted sheet is tan, and my flat sheet is brown. My comforter is a turquoise and white pattern + a nubby turquoise blanket [ a find @ Buc-cees in TX ]. I love pillows... so I have a lot of them. From shopping trips to Junk Gypsy in Round Top, Texas, I found two pillows... a 'dream big' pillow, and a pillow in shape of a camper 'wherever you go, go with all your heart'. So cute!

At the foot of my bed is a wood bench my dad made me years ago. On it, is a basket with pillows to add a soft and comfortable touch. I have a pillow from one of my favorite local stores, and a frilly cowgirl pillow from a road trip to Texas. I also have a pretty fern for some texture.

My nightstand is a file cabinet I painted. It holds a brown glass lamp, a 11 x 14 b & w framed print of O6, an antique turquoise ball jar, and a felt letter board with a message of 'but first... cows'. The file cabinet also neatly stores my favorite ball caps.

cow hide love
The carpet was torn out to show the original hardwood floor. And, I ordered a 6 x 9 sisal rug from Wayfair to compliment the floor. A cowhide rug also coordinates with the sisal rug. As a cow chick, I absolutely love my cow hide rug. These rugs add character, texture, and warmth to the room.

My curtains are from Target. They are a medium tan fabric with black stitching. The curtain panels are drawn together using jute twine. Along side my windows... I have two old, large wood doors. They were salvaged from a house. These gorgeous doors enlarge the wall and windows. They have so much charm. And, they add a lot of character to my bedroom. The antique doors are also perfect to hang photos!

From a barn on our farm, I found a chippy white paint table. It adds a rustic boho edge to my room. I adore it. I also have an old wood ladder leaning against the wall as a functional interest piece.  

I am in love with my bedroom. It has taken quite some time to style...but it was well worth it. My room is so cozy after a day on the farm.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday on the Farm

It was a busy Friday on the farm. We were able to get quite a bit of work done on a nice fall day.

We have very happy cows. Two herds of cows are now grazing cornstalks. After corn is harvested, we open up fields for cows to graze. Grazing cornstalks ( stover ) in fields extends the grazing season through fall. The cows eat the corn residue ( husks and leaves ) and grass in the waterways.
[ view agriculture photos @ monicastevens.photoshelter.com ]

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

forage peas: week 3

I checked on the field of peas today. Oh my goodness. I love this snap of the forage peas. It is a favorite.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

chippy bedroom table

Years ago, I found a table out in a shed on the farm. Of course, I just had to clean it up and bring it into my house. It was perfect in my rustic farm home. The chippy white table now had a cozy spot in my bedroom. For years, I was not sure how it use the old wood table but loved that it was in my bedroom.
On a recent visit to Bishop Hill, I found two vintage lamps. I was so excited to buy them to style my rustic home. I love these lamps! The lamps no longer work, but I thought they would add character. They have so much charm! When I carried them into my house, I started thinking about where I wanted to use them in my décor. After a little thought, I decided to set a lamp on the chippy white table in my bedroom. Oh my goodness. Perfect! It could not be more perfect.
oh, my heart.
An old wood crate was already sitting on the table to store some of my accessories. Then, I had an idea that would coordinate with the table, lamp, and crate... an old photo and frame. A framed photo of my grandma was given to me. It all looked so amazing together. My heart actually fluttered!

These light pink, glass dishes were a find at Junk Gypsy in Round Top, TX. They look vintage. I thought they would be so sweet to keep jewelry. I think they are perfect for this chippy table.
antique finds
Beside the table, is a pink metal stool I fell in love with this adorable stool at an antique store. It was a fun find from my road trip to Texas in September. I knew I would have the perfect use for it in my home.    
I am so excited about my bedroom table. My taste is not frilly but do like the pink, white, and antiqued brass palate. It is whimsical. The inspiration for my bedroom was rustic boho. Sigh. I love my bedroom so much. And, the chippy wood table will be so adorable as a makeup table and as a cute way to organize some of my accessories. All I need is an old mirror.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday on the Farm

Between unloading corn and filling a grain bin, I checked on the field of rye. The rye has grown about two inches since last week. Through the corn residue, the rye is growing. The field of rye is starting to green.