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Saturday, November 16, 2019

farm chick favorite

While in Texas for Antiques Week, I found an amazing cowhide wristlet shopping at The La Vida Loca. Absolutely in love with it.  
When I saw this wristlet, I knew I needed it. Gorgeous.... leather, cowhide, fringe, and fur. Oh my heart! 

I seriously cannot stop swooning over it * heart eye emoji * This wristlet is so much fun! And, I am so excited it is mine. Looking forward to wearing this sassy wristlet with a cute and casual outfit. It really makes a statement.        

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

2019 cornstalk bales

Cornstalks have been rolled up. It was just in time... they now look like frosted mini wheats for cows.
Every year, we rake and bale cornstalks to use during the winter and spring months. The cornstalks are used as bedding for cows during the winter and for the cows and calves during the calving season in the spring. We are anticipating another rough winter. So this year, we rolled up over 100 bales to be prepared.
Cornstalks are also fed to our cows. They are fed in a ration with hay and silage. It works well for us. And, our cow enjoy it.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

farm chick favorite

i am just a girl who loves cows...

Perfect... this tee is perfect for me! So, it needed to be in my closet.

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The sleeveless tee will be so cute styled in so many different ways... with shorts, boyfriend jeans, or a maxi skirt. It will be sweet to wear in the summer and adorable in the fall with a chambray shirt, cardigan, or a blazer. And, the accessories to go with this tee! Oh my. So much fun.

Friday, November 8, 2019

inline wrapping hay

Three years ago, we wrapped round bales of hay for the first time. The weather would not allow us to bale hay before forecasted rain. So, we decided to set our baler in order to bale high moisture hay. The bales were then wrapped to ensile. Wrapping the bales allowed us to bale hay despite unfavorable weather conditions.

Over the past three years, we have continued to wrap hay. This has given us so much flexibility in baling. And, it stores our high quality hay outside for the winter. Wrapping bales shelters the hay from weather... rain, snow, and ice. So, it preserves the quality and nutritional value of our hay. 

Sunday, November 3, 2019

2019 corn silage

Preparing for winter, corn was chopped and bagged this fall. The silage will be used to feed our cows throughout the winter. Along with the corn silage, the cows will also be fed hay and cornstalks.  
Two 150' bags were filled with corn silage. That is 300 tons of cow chow. Hay is in short supply this year due to a frigid winter, wet spring, and dry summer. And, we are anticipating another rough winter. We chopped and bagged double the amount of corn we normally do to ensure we have the quality and quantity of feed we need for our cows.
A sample of the corn silage was collected and sent off to Dairyland Laboratories for feed analysis. As cattlemen, we like to know the quality of the feed to meet the nutritional requirements of our cows.

Farm Chick Favorite

I am in love with these earrings 💜

On Instagram, I wandered into Burlap Bovine. Oh goodness! I then grazed through the Burlap Bovine shop on Etsy. Such beautiful, handcrafted leather earrings. This cow chick just had to have a pair.
I ordered the large teardrop earrings in the acorn color. The stitching adds a cute and rustic touch. Love these earrings so much! They are absolutely adorable! So classic. And, they will be perfect to wear throughout the seasons.   

I mean. Even the earring holder is adorable! I can't even.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

farm chick favorite

These earrings!

Keri and I were wandering around Round Top during Antiques Week. And we came across a booth with beautifully handcrafted jewelry. Oh goodness.

So much gorgeous jewelry at Cross My Heart. I fell in love with these earrings! Cowhide and a little sparkle... perfect for this cow chick. They are simple and fun and will make a casual outfit super cute! 

Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday on the Farm

It was stunning. The sunset tonight made me slow down. I took the time to enjoy the moment. The colors were just incredible. The sun made the corn look like it was on fire. My dog, Diesel was with me in my truck. I think he even was in awe of the sunset.