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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 is down the path

2014 was an amazing year. I am truly thankful and blessed!

I had the incredible opportunity to write a month long journal for Farm & Ranch Living! It was such an honor! I am so blessed to be able to share my love of our family farm with others. After publication, I was approached for radio interviews to talk about agriculture, farming, and my experience writing for Farm & Ranch Living. So much fun!
farm & ranch living

I traveled to San Antonio, TX to visit my friend, Keri for a few days! We had so much fun!  It was nice talking, and shopping. Along the Riverwalk, we enjoyed a Coronarita..so very good! We also toured the Alamo...it was pretty amazing!


A dream come true...I was elected to the Knox County Farm Bureau Board. I very much look forward to representing farmers in Knox County. It is such an honor!


I started renting hay ground this year. It was an exciting farm kid moment! It is such a great feeling!

In May 2014, I chose two bull calves to raise as breeding bulls...I love them so much! I haltered my bulls. They were absolutely wonderful! I loved being in the barn and working with them. They have great dispositions. Paperwork was completed to register MJS Burning it Down 4M08 and MJS Dirt 4M80 for pedigrees with the American Shorthorn Association. 
my 2014 shorthorn bulls

My friend, Julie and I enjoyed the Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line concert! We had a wonderful time! Glad we were able to have a fun night of singing to our favorite songs.
40 farmers from Brazil toured our family farm in September. It was so amazing. I was so absolutely excited to share my love of agriculture and family farm with farmers from Brazil! Even though we didn't speak the same language, we all spoke agriculture. In November 2013, I traveled with Illinois Farm Bureau Young Leaders to study agriculture in Brazil. I was blessed to have the opportunity to share my family farm with them. It was so special. I will forever remember it.

brazilian farmers visit our farm

My friend, Ryan and I had a blast at the Florida Georgia Line concert at the Illinois State Fair! We had such a good time!!

It was an exciting farm kid moment...I bought my first tractor! In September, I bought a CaseIH JX80! My heart fluttered when it was delivered to the farm. I absolutely love it! It has been a great investment for my cattle and hay farm. So far, my tractor has been used to cut hay, rake hay, move bales, haul and spread manure, haul corn and soybeans, and feed cattle. 

In partnership, I bought a Shorthorn heifer. A friend and I formed a cattle partnership. I am pretty excited! And, I look forward to our future!

Cattle chores were done, and my car was packed. I was on the road to Texas! In December, I drove to Texas to visit Keri. It was such a fun road trip! I absolutely love Texas. I enjoyed the drive to Texas...my heart smiled as I saw more cattle grazing! It was so great talking, shopping, and hanging out with Keri. So many memories were made. What a fun adventure! I look forward to going back!

god bless texas

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