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Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday on the Farm

Illinois native plants are beautiful...especially at this time of year. One warm and sunny morning, I was driving in my truck with the windows down. I noticed Big Bluestem growing by one of our fields along side the fence. I was so excited to see it! In addition to Big Bluestem, we also have Cup Plant and Wild Bergamot growing on the farms. So glad to see more native plant species for wildlife!

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

patio decor

So, I have been decorating my patio this summer

It has taken me some time to do. But, my farm patio décor is finally coming together.
My patio has a table with a set of four woven chairs ( my first big item purchased when I moved into the farm house ) and a wood bench made by my dad. And, I started decorating with those two pieces. Black, tan, and purple is color pallet for my patio.

This year I used a galvanized funnel, tub, scoop, and two buckets as flower planters. All were farm finds. They are such a fun and rustic look for my patio. I planted red cabbage with asparagus ferns, and spikes. They look so charming together. The funnel is held in a wood folding chair that does not have a seat. The tub is at the center of my patio table. And, the buckets and feed scoop sit on my bench. The planters are so cute on my patio! I love the purple color of the cabbage. A rusty pliers among the plants in the bucket adds quirky style.  

An apple basket, a wreath made of old barbed wire, an antique pulley, and an outdoor pillow from Target style the wooden bench my dad made. As a backdrop, there are old brown shutters. In front of the bench, is a 7 x 10 tan and black Greek key outdoor rug. It is a cute and cozy part of the patio. I love it. A pile of firewood in the corner awaits an enjoyable evening outdoors. 

This summer, I also found two black metal patio chairs and two coordinating outdoor pillows at Target. So excited they were on clearance! An old, galvanized coal pale sits between the chairs as a table. Pretty adorable. It is such a cute seating area. 

lucy the lab also likes my patio
On top of my patio table is an old galvanized tub with a spike, asparagus fern, and four red cabbage plants. In addition to the tub of flowers, are an antique turquoise insulator, and a rusty metal bird add more character to the table.
Two wood folding chairs are in the corner of my patio as rustic décor. One chair displays the funnel of flowers, and the other chair has décor I change with the seasons... like pumpkins or greenery. An old, wood crate adds some character and is to hold funky pieces throughout the year. Old baseball gloves are on the crate this summer.
I love my farm patio. And, it was so much fun to decorate with my rustic farm chic style. It is a beautiful place to relax after a day of work and enjoy the outdoors.