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Sunday, December 2, 2018

rustic Christmas ornament

[ a rustic Christmas ]

I love decorating...especially for the winter. Decorating for winter creates coziness in my rustic farm home.
When I decorate, I decorate for the winter months. I can enjoy my winter décor for much longer. In my home, I have four decorated trees. My winter décor incorporates greenery, pinecones, candles, snowmen, blankets and pillows. It creates a very warm and cozy feel in my rustic farm home.  
rustic Christmas ornament...
jute twine
Lightly and evenly spray chalkboard paint over the glass ornaments. Spray a second coat of chalkboard paint over the glass ornaments. Let the ornaments completely dry. Cover the ornaments with white chalk. Use an eraser to wipe the chalk all over the chalkboard paint. A word [ peace, joy, merry ] may be drawn on the ornament with chalk. Cut strands of jute twine. Tie the twine onto the ornament as a rustic hanger. 

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